Ex-Professional Yachtswoman, Troop Commander – Royal Engineers Reserves, & Now: Facilitator, Certified Conflict Resolution & Mediation Coach

At a time when I was ready to walk out of a stressful job, Lucy helped me find a new way of expressing myself in the workplace that has totally transformed my career and given me the confidence to deal with situations authentically and powerfully!

A.D., Kent

Hi! I’m Lucy Thom,

A geographer and former Royal Engineers reserve officer. My first career came out of the blue: the first woman and civilian to qualify as a Joint Services (British Forces) Adventurous Sail-Training Skipper.

I then went onto become a round the world yachtswoman after which I took a new role coordinating the logistics and running the deck and race crew for the classic superyacht, “Mariquita.”

In 2016, I qualified as a Mediation & Conflict Resolution Coach.

Today, I serve Superyacht Captains, by helping them share their challenges, and also their aspirations, so they can enjoy their work even more. Leading to better outcomes for both themselves and their crew.

If you’re a superyacht captain, I’d love to hear from you. We can talk everything from the latest in the sailing world, to the challenges you may be currently facing. I can assure you of one thing-lot’s of space, so you can express yourself freely

Interviews & Media

The Vobes Show

In this interview with the amazing host Richard Vobes, I speak about the power of words, and how to use them effectively

The Power of Words

Coach Buzz Magic

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by the inspiring storyteller, Sumit Sharma, who covered my story and helped bring my passion about sailing to life. It’s geared mainly towards women, but the message in general is applicable to men as well. You might enjoy reading it

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