Are You A Superyacht Captain Who Sometimes Feels The Pressure of Being a Leader? Do You Dream of Having Someone Who Would Just Listen to You, Instead of Trying to Fix Things for You? My name is Lucy Thom, An Ex-Professional Yachtswoman, & I’d Love to Hear Your Story!

Being a captain is not easy. I get it. Managing the crew, the guests, and everyone’s expectations, it can get a little bit too much at times. Plus spending a lot of time away from home, can take its toll. More importantly, not having someone to have an open conversation with, can leave you feeling as though you’re alone on an island. But not anymore, because I am here to listen to you, like really listen.

And you know what’s the best part about it? That our first call is on the house. It’s free. So why not make use of that, and click the blue button below, and experience what it’s like to feel heard, the way you need to be heard.

Or listen to my story about a Shark that Made Me Laugh 😀

Lucy Thom

Lucy Thom

What We Can Do Together

Share Your Story

How about I hold space for you, while you share anything that’s been bothering you, and keeping you from being the true superyacht captain that you are

Elevate Crew Dynamics

Getting the crew on board and aligned with you and your mission as a captain can be so crucial for effective team work. We can extend our conversation to speak about your crew, and how things are going in that area

Manage Conflict With Poise & Elegance

Being a certified conflict resolution and mediation coach, I know a thing or two about managing conflict, especially, when things start to get tense onboard. And I’d love to share more about that with you

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At a time when I was ready to walk out of a stressful job, Lucy helped me find a new way of expressing myself in the workplace that has totally transformed my career and given me the confidence to deal with situations authentically and powerfully!

A.D., Kent

Lucy has a talent for facilitating meetings and group discussions in a sensitive way. Her non-confrontational approach invites even shy people to find their voice. The safe space she creates provides fertile ground for exploring and exchanging creative ideas.

– Kae M. Bournemouth